What is Strategic Planning?

strategic plan

Strategic planning is an important process that helps organizations define goals, assess strengths and weaknesses, and create a roadmap to achieve them. It includes a set of steps and techniques to guide organizations to make informed decisions and take appropriate action to stay ahead of the competition. This article reviews the concept, importance, processes, models, software, and services of strategic planning.

Strategy Planning

What is Strategic Planning? 

Strategic planning is the decision-making process that determines the direction of an organization and allocates resources to achieve that direction. This includes an analysis of an organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis), which develops long-term plans to exploit opportunities while maximizing strengths, minimizing weaknesses, and minimizing threats. The purpose of a strategic plan is to provide clear direction to an organization and align resources and efforts to achieve goals.


The importance of strategic planning


Strategic planning is essential for organizations of all sizes because it provides a clear sense of direction and purpose. It helps organizations focus on goals and objectives and make informed decisions about resource allocation. Strategic planning is essential to achieving long-term success, increasing sales, reducing costs, and remaining competitive. It also helps organizations identify potential risks and opportunities and develop contingency plans to address them.


The strategic planning process

The strategic planning process is a step-by-step method of analyzing an organization’s current situation, defining goals and objectives, and developing a plan to achieve them. The stages of the strategic planning process are as follows:


  1. Analysis: The first step in the strategic planning process is to conduct a thorough analysis of the organization’s internal and external environment. This includes an analysis of the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT analysis).
  2.  Goal setting: Based on the SWOT analysis, organizations set goals and objectives. These goals must be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Adequate, and Time-bound (SMART). 
  3. Strategy Development: In this stage, organizations develop goals and strategies to achieve them. This includes identifying the actions needed to achieve the goal and the resources needed to carry out the plan.
  4. Implementation: The implementation phase includes executing the plan and allocating resources to achieve the goals. This requires organizations to set deadlines, assign responsibilities and monitor progress.
  5. Evaluate: The final step in the strategic planning process is to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan. This includes measuring progress against goals and objectives and making adjustments as needed.


Strategic planning model

There are several strategic planning models that organizations can use to manage their planning process. These include:


  1. SWOT Analysis: A SWOT analysis is a simple but effective model that helps organizations identify internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats. 
  2. PESTEL Analysis: PESTEL analysis is a framework that helps organizations analyze the political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal factors that may affect their operations. 
  3. Balanced Scorecard: A Balanced Scorecard is a model that helps organizations measure and manage their goals and performance against them.
  4. Scenario Planning: Scenario planning is a model that helps organizations prepare for future events by considering a range of possible scenarios and developing a strategy to address each scenario. 
  5. McKinsey 7S Model: The McKinsey 7S Model is a diagnostic tool that helps organizations analyze seven key elements of their operations, including strategy, structure, systems, style, people, skills, and shared values. 


Strategic Planning Course

If you want to learn more about strategic planning, there are many courses available to help you develop the skills and knowledge you need to create an effective strategy for your organization. These courses typically cover the following topics:

  • The strategic planning process
  • Analysis of the external and internal environment
  • Establishing objectives
  • Strategy development
  • Follow your strategy
  • Monitoring and evaluating progress

By taking a strategic planning course, you’ll learn how to create a roadmap for your organization that will help you achieve your goals and maintain a competitive advantage. 


Strategic Planning Software

One of the tools that can help with the strategic planning process is strategic planning software. This software helps organizations streamline planning activities and make informed decisions. Some of the features of the strategic planning program include:

  • SWOT analysis tool
  • Targeting tool
  • Strategy development tools
  • Resource allocation tool
  • Performance monitoring and evaluation tools

There are many different strategic planning software solutions, each with its own unique features and benefits. Some popular options are Cascade, OnStrategy, and StratPlan. 


Strategic Planning Services

Strategic planning services can provide expert guidance and assistance to organizations in the strategic planning process. These services include:

  1. Facilitation: Strategic planning facilitators can guide organizations through the planning process, provide guidance and involve all stakeholders.
  2. Research and Analysis: Strategic Planning Services can provide research and analysis of industry trends, market conditions, and competition to inform the planning process.
  3. Plan development: Strategic planning services can develop a strategic plan and ensure that it is aligned with the organization’s mission and goals.
  4. Implementation Support: Strategic planning services can provide support and guidance during the implementation phase to ensure effective implementation of the plan.



In short, strategic planning is an essential process for any organization seeking long-term success. Organizations can use the strategic planning process model to develop a plan that aligns with their mission and goals and ultimately achieves their goals. Strategic planning services can provide expert guidance and assistance throughout the planning process to ensure effective plan execution.


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