Clever Camels

The clever Camels course is an innovative and comprehensive program offered by Rowad Almustaqbal Training Institute for Training and Development. This course is designed to help Emirati learners improve their proficiency in Arabic, English, and Math to prepare for the standardized tests required for academic and professional purposes.

The course is delivered by experienced instructors who are experts in Emirati standardized tests. The instructors use a range of teaching methods, including lectures, interactive discussions, and practical exercises to ensure that learners can easily grasp the concepts and skills needed to succeed in standardized tests.

The Clever Camels Emirati test course is structured to cover all the key topics tested in the Emirati standardized tests, including reading comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. The course material is delivered through a range of multimedia resources, including videos, quizzes, interactive activities, and practice tests, which are accessible online.

Learners also receive personalized support and guidance from the instructors, who are available to answer any questions or concerns they may have during the course. This ensures that learners receive the necessary assistance to overcome any obstacles and improve their performance in standardized tests.

The Rowad Almustaqbal Training Institute for Training and Development is a reputable institute known for providing high-quality training and development programs. The institute is committed to helping learners achieve their academic and professional goals by providing them with the knowledge, skills, and support they need to succeed.

Overall, the Clever Camels Emirati test course offered by the Rowad Almustaqbal Training Institute for Training and Development is a valuable investment for any Emirati learner who wants to improve their language and math proficiency and succeed in the standardized tests.


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