what are the 7 types of graphic design?

what are the 7 types of graphic design

Exploring the Seven Types of Graphic Design: 



There are many different creative disciplines that are included in the dynamic and adaptable field of graphic design. Consequently, graphic design is essential for communicating ideas and grabbing attention, from visually stunning branding to attention-grabbing advertisements.

The seven primary categories that characterize the graphic design world will be examined in this article. Therefore, understanding these types will give you invaluable insights into the fascinating and diverse world of graphic design, whether you are an aspiring designer or just curious about the industry.

1- Designing a Brand’s Identity and a Lasting Impression

For companies, organizations, or individuals, branding and identity design are all about developing a distinctive and recognizable visual identity.

Creating logos, color schemes, typography, and other elements that influence the overall brand image is the main goal of this kind of graphic design.

The work of branding and identity specialists promotes recognition and trust by ensuring consistency and coherence across all visual touchpoints.


2- Design for Marketing and Advertising: Captivating and Persuasive Communication

The foundation of advertising and marketing design is the development of visually appealing materials that advertise goods, services, or events.

This type of graphic design entails creating eye-catching flyers, brochures, posters, and digital assets that successfully convey key messages and captivate the target audience.

Layout strategies, typography, and imagery are used by advertising and marketing designers to captivate audiences and encourage desired actions.

Design for Marketing and Advertising: Captivating and Persuasive Communication


3- Bringing Words to Life through Print and Editorial Design

Designing publications like magazines, newspapers, books, and other printed materials is the focus of print and editorial design.

In order to create designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly, graphic designers in this field carefully consider layout, typography, and imagery.

They are essential to maintaining a smooth flow throughout the publication, organizing the publication’s content, and creating visual hierarchies.


4- Making Engaging Online Experiences through Web and UI/UX Design

Designing websites, applications, and interactive interfaces with a focus on the user is a key component of web and UI/UX design.

These designers combine aesthetics and functionality, resulting in user-friendly interfaces and clear navigation.

Together with developers, web and UI/UX designers can turn their concepts into interactive, user-friendly digital products.


5- Designing Motion Graphics: Giving Visuals Life

Animation and graphic design are combined in motion graphics design to produce compelling visual narratives. To convey information, tell stories, and arouse emotions, this type of design employs moving pictures, graphics, and typography.

Through smooth transitions, dynamic elements, and captivating motion, motion graphics designers breathe life into static visuals.


6- Environmental and Experiential Design: Planning for Spaces

Designing visually immersive experiences for physical spaces is the focus of environmental and experiential design. With the help of architects, interior designers, and marketers, graphic designers in this field create signage, wayfinding systems, exhibition displays, and immersive installations.

They want to make the surroundings better overall and give visitors experiences they will remember.


7- Making Products Stand Out through Packaging Design

Designing packaging for products is all about producing attractive and useful packaging. Labels, boxes, wrappers, and other packaging for this kind of product must not only protect it but also convey its distinctive features and brand identity.

To create packages that stand out on the shelves, packaging designers take into account aesthetics, functionality, and marketing goals.



There are many different disciplines and aesthetics that fall under the umbrella of graphic design, each with their own special traits and objectives. Graphic design offers countless opportunities for creative expression, whether you’re interested in branding, advertising, web design, or any other type.

Knowing the seven different types of graphic design—branding and identity design, advertising and marketing design, print and editorial design, web, and UI/UX design, motion graphics design, environmental and experiential design, and packaging design—gives you a better understanding of the scope and depth of this fascinating industry. Explore, try new things, and let your imagination run wild as you start your journey into the world of graphic design.


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