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Managment and Leadership

Preparation and qualification of administrative leadership

International Sustainable Development Leadership License (ISSDL)

Preparing an ambassador of positivity and quality of life

Corporate identity specialist preparation

Creative Engineering and Innovative Business Strategies

Fostering a creative environment at work

Advanced supervisory skills

Administrative creativity and its role in job performance

Preparing operational plans

Change and administrative creativity in government organizations

Leading the workforce during an economic downturn

Advanced Leadership (Excellence in Supervision and Excellence in Executive Performance)

Leadership and management supervision

Monitoring, evaluation and management development

Leadership excellence in dealing with stress and stress

Preparing department heads and supervisors

Administrative and behavioral skills for administrators

Administrative coordination between different departments

Enhancing administrative effectiveness and building organizational culture

Measuring performance indicators under management by objectives

Support services system (administrative communication - administrative coordination - follow-up and reports)

Successful management strategies

Administrative creativity and efficiency of advanced management practices

Effective methods to achieve leadership and administrative excellence for institutions

Skills of dealing with disagreements and conflicts in the work environment

Excellence and creativity in writing letters and reports

Modern management concepts

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